Volume One (Double EP Vinyl Record + Digital Download)

by Holland Greco

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    Holland Greco, Volume One
    VINYL - 180 Gram
    Get under the covers with “Misfits” and More
    Sparkly dark - darkly smart

    This LP comes with a digital version available via download card.

    A: Tunnel Vision - 100 Proof 3:29 Bedford Stuyvesant 3:21 Stuck 2:34 Butterflies 3:42 Flashback 3:15 / B: Murdergram: Songs of the Misfits - Hollywood Babylon 2:53 Halloween 3:41 American Nightmare 5:43 Die Die My Darling 3:33 Vampira 2:21

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released June 17, 2014

Holland Greco, Volume One

Tunnel Vision

1. 100 Proof
2. Bedford Stuyvesant
3. Stuck!
4. Butterflies
5. Flashback

Holland Greco - Lead vocals & ukulele
Princess Frank - Drums & BGVs
Joseph Karnes - Upright & Electric Bass
Lisa Harriton - Keys
Brian Warfield - Trumpet
Ryan Porter - Trombone
Dan Greco - Percussion

Songs 1,2,4, & 5 written by Holland Greco (Carpe Delirium Publishing, BMI) & Clark Dark (Bass Cadet Publishing, BMI)
Song 3 written by Holland Greco (Carpe Delirium Publishing, BMI)

Produced by The Sherrod Brothers: Drew & Scot
Mix by James "Jimbo" Barton for Reel Music, LLC

Mastering by Tom Baker for Precision Mastering

Recorded at Red Bull Studio, Elytron Studio
Engineers: James Musshorn, Rene Garza
Additional recording by Peter Karr

Cover Photos: Diva Zappa
Makeup & Styling: Taryn Nicole Piana
Addl. Photography by: Piper Ferguson, Taryn Nicole Piana
Cover Design & Layout Mike Mesker for Zappa Records
Murdergram "M" letter and bats illustration by Nick Greco

Technical Credits from Joe:
Vinyl Mastering by Chris Bellman, Bernie Grundman Mastering


1. Hollywood Babylon
2. Halloween
3. American Nightmare
4. Die Die My Darling
5. Vampira

Holland Greco - vocals, electric ukulele, and echoplex
princessFrank - drums & percussion
Clark Dark - guitars, moog, and piano
Joey “Ninja” Maramba - bowed and electric bass
All arrangements by the band

Produced by Clark Dark
Executive producer - DGM, Inc.
All compositions by Glenn Danzig, published by Evilive Music, and administered worldwide by Reach Music Publishing.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Soyffer, Coney Island Studios.

Written by FZ / published by Munchkin Music (ASCAP)
Recorded at UMRK
Ukulele / Vocals / Kazoo / Bells - Holland Greco
Drums - Andy Sanesi
Engineered by Richard Landers
Additional Recording, Engineering, and Synths by Starvon Washington at S1V Music Studios
Mixed by Jared Gosselin


Production Manager for Zappa Records - Melanie Starks
Vinyl Quality Control & Additional Coordination - Joe "The Vaultmeister" Travers

Special thanks to Gail Zappa, Mitch Schneider Organization, Chip Dorsch at Red Bull, Maria "Skywalker" Bermudez, Shauna Krikorian and Joe Berman at MediaHorse Music Licensing, Mike Phegley & Joe Mondry at Reach Music Publishing, Neil Busch, Michael Papillo, Megan Jacobs, CrystalFrets.com, and you, the person reading this, thank you for your interest, support, and ears!



all rights reserved
Track Name: 100 Proof

Verse I
I’ve been sittin on the front porch
steady thinking of the things I’d like to say
I’ve been ringin’ your request lines
trying to get you to come around the way

ooooh, I’m hip, babe
and I know all the games you play
but u gotta bring it real now
u gotta come correct one of these days

Prechorus I
and I’ve been dating so much
but I think I’m gonna stop
I’m meditating right here in the waiting room
ready to break you off…

I’m discreet; I’ll keep your secrets
so peek over your wall
and I been keeping up with waxes and pedicures
cuz there’s a chance you’ll call…..

Chorus I
I’m sprung on you
(sprung on you)
what’s a girl to do?:Claps:
first you light the oven
(oooh ooh oooh ooh)
then you let it cool

I’m sprung on you
(sprung on you)
what’s a girl to do?:Claps:
come n be my savior, baby
(oooh ooh ooooooh)
be my parachute….

Verse II
I’m relying on the universe
you know I say a little prayer most every day
I’m a soulful little sistah
you best believe I’m gonna find 100 ways

Prechorus II
you should quit this whack resistance
you’ll soon be overcome
I’m only saying that magnets and gravity put out a force too strong

you’ll be rich; I’m generous when it comes to words of love
oh, I could never hold back my loquacity
and never could bite my tongue

Chorus II
I’m sprung on you
(sprung on you)
what’s a girl to do?:Claps:
first you light the oven
(oooh ooh oooh ooh)
then you let it cool

I’m sprung on you
(sprung on you)
what’s a girl to do?:Claps:
be my perfect ending,honey
(oooh ooh oooh ooh)
like in Hollywood

::break::Horn mimic the distorted keyboard::

::repeat a prechorus::

I’m sprung on you
(sprung on you)
what’s a girl to do?:Claps:
Lookin’ for a strong man, baby
You’re 100 Proof.
Track Name: Bedford Stuyvesant

::Verses I & II::
You’re my Sunday morning lay in bed
The gentle breeze around my head
A picture perfect paradise
I’m feeling glad to be alive, I

Search to find the nouns and verbs
As I run my fingers down your curves
I couldn’t ask for more than this
The only trouble is you don’t exist on this…

::Chorus I::
Lonely night in Bedford-Stuyvesant
What I’m dreamin’ is more vivid than reality
When the morning comes around
Brush my shoulders off
Today may be when our paths cross…

::Verses III & IV::
So I
Walk the streets and avenues
In the hopes I’ll catch a glimpse of you..
What I would give for goodness sake
To see your face while I’m awake, then

I would know that all is well
I could rest my head and let time tell
So until the day we meet I’ll
See you smiling while I’m sleeping in my..

::Repeat Chorus::

::le bridge::
I got my head in the clouds,
But I ain’t lookin’ down
It won’t be long until this longing has ceased.

I got the freedom to love
and the space to open up
en route to who the future will be…….
::Repeat Chorus::
::le end::
Track Name: Stuck

::Verses I & II ::
Baby, I get so lost
I can’t stop thinking about your touch
I need ten dollars
You give me a buck
And it makes me stuck…it makes me stuck…

I been gambling
I’ve got my cards down
You say, “not never, but baby, not now”
This game we’re playin’, I’ve got no luck
And it makes me stuck

::Prechorus & Choru$ I::
Baby, baby, since I met u I can’t think of nothing else
All u gotta do is look my way and my heart starts to melt
If u want this lovin’, then come get some, I been savin’ up
I sure haven’t been tryin too hard to hide that you’re the one I want …
I’m stuck!
I get so stuck!

::Verses III & IV::
Baby you’ve got me drinkin’
I freeze up…so cold
You leave me speechless
I’d like to break through
Break through this weakness
But I’m too stuck….

::Prechorus & Choru$ II::
As I stand here, in your line of fire
Slowly burning in this desire
I need you to take me higher
Don’t leave me stuck….
Don’t leave me stuck….

I see the way that you’re lookin at me – you’re whispering it’s still on
Wouldn’t it be such a relief to spend some time alone?
I ain’t goin’ too far, I’m gonna stay and I’ll wait, I wanna sing for your love
Can’t you hear the joy I’m bringin? you make me feel it, help me, boy!
I’m stuck!
I get so stuck!
Don’t leave me stuck!
Track Name: Butterflies

::Verses I &II::
he comes around
barefoot softly through the house
he lays me down
that boy is somethin’ else

he brings a symphony
speaks directly to a hidden little piece of me
he’s got the qualities
he turns me on and on and on with physicality

::Chorus I::
butterflies in my eyes…..
i think about u all the time
and I’m inclined to design
a union of our separate lives

::Verse III::
he’s into Marvin Gaye…
he gets me revving
with his gentlemanly compliments
his moves are slippery
i never fell in love so easily

::Prechorus I::
ooh I think about u constantly
i make it easy to run into me
open a window, so if you should walk by
then u can peek in to say hi…

butterflies in my eyes….::repeat chorus::

::Verse IV::
he comes around
an’ i got it made in sunrays
he lays me down
and I’m warm in the shade.

::Prechorus II::
you’re in ubiquity.
like a mural in my memory.
a summer breeze
that makes me feel fine
you are often-wants and lullabies…

::Chorus III::
Butterflies in my eyes
I think about u all the time
and I’m inclined to design
a little bit of paradise…

ready for your love….
steady dial me up ….
Track Name: Flashback

::Verse I::
I ran away to a distant place
I’m using Sherry Smith’s pots and plates
A small box of photographs
Another bachelorette bubble bath

I tried hard to bleach you, babe
But these feelings won’t be erased
Another drag on a cigarette
Another failed attempt to forget

::Prechorus I::
Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring
Oh the joy your love would bring
And I’m calling you….I’m calling you…

::Chorus I::
Can you hear my voice above the sound
Of the warm rain falling down?
Can you feel my love each time you breathe
Or does it blow away with the leaves?
Can you hear the rhythm of my heart
I feel u still while we’re apart
It’s all heaven in your face, I see…
Can you flashback to me?

::Verse II::
A phone call in the middle of the night
I see your name in the menu light
You can always come to me
In your emotional emergency

::Prechorus II::
Just the minute I let go
Oh, your love begins to show
And I’m calling you…You’re calling me…

::Repeat Chorus::

::Verse III::
Nobody loves me like you do
I wait around for your “let’s go” cue
I turn out the lights alone
And say this prayer for home sweet home…